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Tune In Now:

Our 80's Station is always

here 24/7 to play those great songs from that magical music decade!

The Gr80's


Gr80's Totally Awesome 80's

New Show Friday at 5pm EST
Replay Monday at 4am EST

The Gr80's Hitman's Retro Blast

New Show Friday at 10pm EST
Replay Monday at 2am EST

The Gr80's K-Todd 80's
The Gr80's Hairball John Radio Show

New Show Saturday at 10pm EST
Replay Monday at 12am EST

New Show Saturday at 9pm EST
Replay Sunday at 12am EST

The Gr80's 80's Meltdown

New Show Saturday at 10am EST
Replay Sunday at 10pm EST

The Gr80's 80's Vault Gonzo Gates

New Show Saturday at 8am EST
Replay Sunday at 8pm EST

Gr80's Hair Metal Memories

Airing Monday Thru Thursday
At 11pm Eastern

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