Rock Discoveries

A 30 minute show focusing only on new rock tracks that you should give a listen too.... you might just hear the next big rock band!

Only The New Shit

Sometimes you just wanna hear what's new in rock!  And we thought, why not take a dump of 60 commercial free minutes of only new rock from the last 4 weeks.  This show changes every time it airs, so join us for only the new shit.


Back To The Arena

In 2020, we will change to a 60 minute show featuring music from a new "80's Style" hair metal CD release and play 4-5 songs from that along with the great sound of 80's rock, like Poison, Motley Crue, Def Leppard and more but also include new 80's style hair metal by band like Hell In The Club, Steel Panther, Jaded Heart, Pink Cream 69 and more.  The first airing of the show is Saturday night with repeats airing throughout the week!

Five Finger Fridays

From midnight until 4pm eastern time, we have Five Finger Fridays on the Rockcast.  Every 10th song during that time is by Five Finger Death Punch.  Why?  Why the hell not?

FFF2019 (1).jpg

Double Dip

This show will feature two songs in a row from the same group.  We don't care if you double dip the chip... just do it while listening to the Rockcast!

Each week we will add a new bunch of groups... Three different shows throughout the week... but every show will be different songs!  You're welcome.

The Dirty Thirty

The Dirty Thirty returns with a 30 minute show playing one band / groups music... commercial free, of course.

Will it be Breaking Benjamin?  Shinedown?  Metallica?

The show changes every week.  Follow us on Instagram/Facebook to see who we will feature each week!


Six Pack

Join us every Friday at 5:30pm EST / 2:30pm PST for a brand new countdown of the biggest 6 rock tracks of the week.  The show will replay throughout the week, but you want to be the first to hear the new countdown every week!  Crack open six delicious songs with us every week!


The Rockcast Radio FireStarter.... a track that you may not have heard, but should be in your rotation.  Airs randomly during regular programming.  Listen for it!

Who will be the next FireStarter???


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