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Concert Review - Lee Brice (with Michael Ray and Jackson Dean) - September 17, 2022 in Indianapolis

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

This Saturday night was an almost perfect weather night for a concert in Indianapolis, and the crowd showed up. Jackson Dean strolled out and kicked off the night with his songs "Trailer Park", "Free", "Heaven To Betsy" and more capping off his set with his mega-hit "Don't Come Lookin" and a Black Sabbath cover. Jackson didn't move much on stage, and for me, a guy who's seen hundreds of rock and roll shows, I was kind of wishing he moved a little bit more... but the show and the music was a great start to the night.

After the stage switch, and Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The USA", it was time for Michael Ray. I was shocked to hear Michael start the show with his current hit "Holy Water". And as far as us photographers go, it was hard to keep up with Michael as his energetic side to side walking on the stage gave everyone a great chance to see him, and grab a smart phone pic. A total opposite to Jackson Dean. Michael banged out songs like "Whiskey And Rain", "Just The Way I Am" and "One That Got Away" to name a few. As the sun went down, the hear was turned up as Michael Ray's energy and singing got a lot of people up on their feet and singing along.

And the man who's name was on the ticket stubs was next. Lee Brice. Lee came out with a smile after a "beer commercial" saying the facility would need more beer since it was a Lee Brice concert. And, of course, Lee's first song was "More Beer". His second and third songs got the crowd singing alone with his super hit "Hard To Love" and his current chart-topper, "Soul". As Lee got warmer (and sweatier), the hits kept rolling through the night with songs like "Memory I Don't Mess With", "Love Like Crazy" and an acoustic version of "Boy". And just when you thought the big songs were done, Lee came with "I Drive Your Truck" and of course, "Parking Lot Party" which got everyone dancing, drinking and singing along. The facility was great, the crowd was fun and Jackson Dean, Michael Ray and Lee Brice brought the country music for a great Indianapolis night.

Jackson Dean, Michael Ray, Lee Brice

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