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Back To The Arena is a syndicated 60 minute show featuring that 80's rock sound of hair metal. 

Every week, we feature a new CD that has that hair metal sound like the classic releases of

Motley Crue, Poison, Def Leppard, Ratt, Cinderella, etc...

We play the "era of hair-a" from The 80's through today.

Hosted by DCtheDJ, we play more than the same 150 songs on satellite radio.

It's a 60 minute rock party every week.

Tune in for some classic stuff as well as some music released recently... it's all in the Arena. 

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The production company of this show, All Inclusive Radio

hosts Non-Profit Radio Stations.

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Have a band with the sound that fits Back To The Arena?

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Songs must be in mp3 or wav format and AT LEAST 128kbps along with being tagged (name-title) correctly.


THE WEEK OF Sep 27- Oct 3

features music from the new

"Even The Devil Believes"

CD from


THE WEEK OF Sep 20-26

features music from the new

"Always The Villian"

CD from

Michael Grant


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Some of the great rock we've featured in 2020

Where To Find

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The show premiers on THE SHARK Saturday nights at 10pm EST before the airing week, then you can hear it throughout the week on the days and stations listed!

Times listed are Eastern Standard Time (USA)


Click logo for website. 


 5am - Rockcast Radio

 5pm - The Shark

 6pm - Savage Radio

10pm - Rockcast Radio


 2am - The Shark

 8pm - FM 7 The Drive


 12am - The Hornet

 8pm - The Manamal Metal Radio

10pm - Retrosounds Radio

10pm - Savage Radio


12am - Rockcast Radio

 3pm - Q108 Kingston

 8pm - Q108 Kingston


12pm - Rockcast Radio

 5pm -

11pm - The Shark


 6am - The Hornet

12pm - The Shark

 4pm - Project Radio

 8pm - FM 7 The Drive


4pm - Canal Radio UK 

6pm - Retrosounds Radio

10pm - B2 Internet Radio

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